Video Conferencing on Android and iOS

How to use your mobile phones for Online Video Meetings and Webinars

Communication in Real-time has become the defacto way to do business cross border for efficience and to save the planet by traveling less.
Companies should use an easy to use tool to talk to leads, customers and friends suppliers, retailers, , consultants, or remote employees in an effort to maximize efficiensy and be part of the new way of doing business.
Seequre use WebRTC, which is a standart protcol supported by all major players in the browser market.
Chrome, Edge, Firefox and partly Safari. It is an in browser-based solution wher users dont have to download any  application. It just works on your PC or on your phone.
Seequre allows users to just log on to our mobile phone optimized web interface (on your servers) and start using the same features that you have on a computer browser.

How can we make this happen on your Android or iOS Mobile Devices

WebRTC is a set of open-source web-based technology that facilitates real-time multimedia communications between various parties without the need for users to download additional plugins. Every API that is needed for this technology to function is built into supporting browsers, which includes Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Firefox.

The basics of this technology remain the same on both personal computers and mobile devices, like Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This means that, at the most basic level, WebRTC communications in mobile devices are very much the same as those in laptops and desktops.