Self-hosted software

Use our video conferencing software Self-hosted and collaboration using any device or platform. 

Scalable meeting platform

Seequre offers a flexible, scalable and federated communication platform that fits all sizes.

Our professional video conferencing systems allow you to join companies and friends in a federated manner where you own your own data..

Transform customer, & client experiences

We will show you how our self-hosted software integrates with MDaemon email software or Nextclouds federated service (over 400.000 federated servers) enhance your existing workflows and be tailored to your company (with our whitelabel offer)

Your data, your control

You can host Seequre on-premises in a secure data center, in the cloud, or a combination of both, It can be deployed in:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Private or government cloud platforms
  • Contabo
  • Many more

The self-hosted and self-managed solution is ideal for industries with compliance demands such as financial services, healthcare, and government due to its availability in the private cloud and on-premises.

The entire deployment and all its data is completely under the ownership and control of the enterprise, even when deployed in the cloud.

Schrems II: data control with self-hosted solutions

As a secure European video conferencing software provider, we can help organizations meet GDPR and data protection compliance requirements in the wake of Schrems II, and help you to control data flows.

Accordingly, Seequre’s self-hosted video conferencing solution enables you to control deployment where you want, ensuring all data flows within the country of operation or just within Europe. 

Our self-hosted software can be deployed via your cloud of choice, on-premises, or with Private Cloud.

Everyone can create their own rooms without limits

With Seequre, we give every employee all features. Seequre meetings can be joined with any browser that supports WebRTC without any software installation 

Multiple connections

Seequre uses the most excellent SFU Mediasoup (backend) with our own flavour and can be deployed with our automatic loadbalancer to allow larger corporation deploy their SFU’s in different geograpical locations using standard protocols including SIP and WebRTC.  

Easy to use

Seequre SFU works seamlessly between different companies and allows for secure communication that goes where you want it should go

We promise a user experience that even your mother can understand and know they will be able join our video meetings from anywhere with our mobile apps for iOS and Android.
You can install a browser client app with ease if you use Chrome or the new Edge

Designed for the IT administrator

Seequre integrates with MDaemon or Nextcloud servers users and use an authenicated email adresse or Nextcloud federated ID to connect with other users.
Disable an account MDaemon or Nextcloud and it will be disabled on Seequre for ease of adminstration.
Seequre is just a sofware and you will allways have access to upgrades as soon as they are released as long as you are a customer. 

Mdaemon / Nextcloud API integrations

Seequre integrate with MDaemons and Nextcloud servers user API and checks user permission everytime a user logs in.

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