Seequre Web version Release Notes


Seequre web version 0.1 is released, this is a production release.


Pictures are embedded in the chat.


[00003]  Pictures are only downloadable not embedded.  [04.05.2018] ->  [08.05.2018] [00011]  Meeting invite email doesn’t contain meeting header.[04.05.2018]  ->  [08.05.2018] [00014]  Embedded pictures don’t scale correctly in chat. [08.05.2018]  ->  [08.05.2018] [00013]  Old uploaded users avatars break when new user avatar is uploaded  [08.05.2018] ->  [16.05.2018] [00004]  Random contact shows in the top of a newly created chat meeting. (sometimes) [02.05.2018] ->  [26.06.2018] [00014]  Uploaded users avatars from propogates to (was avatars, not the other way around [16.05.2018] ->  [26.06.2018]


Known BUGS

[00001]  Ending a call in the webclient can cause other open logged in sessions to continue “calling” its necessary for both sides to hang up.
[00002]  Recording video call can cause a feedback echo on some browsers. (Chrome)
[00005]  Text can appear over/before previous typed text from other user. (sometimes) [04.05.2018] [00006]  Microphone problems with Safari on some versions (sometimes) [04.05.2018] [00007]  Video and sound isn’t distributed to all participants in chat. (sometimes) [04.05.2018] [00008]  Meeting invites does not have the correct time. AI Server to external (sometimes) [04.05.2018] [00009]  Meeting invites does not have the correct data. AI Server to external (sometimes) [04.05.2018] [00010]  Cant remove contacts that has been wrongly invited. [04.05.2018] [00012]  Meeting invite doesn’t always add to calendar automatically for Mdaemon users.