Seequre release 0.1.3

Download release 0.1.3 (has been pulled because of a double encryption sync issue and license logic. The 0.1.3 installer has old binaries with encryption and a syncer problem and it will work locally but not with other servers, so it was pulled by TFR 26.04.2019)
A new release will be uploaded soon..

If you want to join our email beta list for the latest beta release and newest version, just send an email and we will add you our list.

Live installation document for 0.1.3

Full Installation video for version 0.0.9 SQL Server/MDaemon/IIS/SSL Letsencrypt / Seequre version 0.0.9


23.04.2019: Changed pr users license to a license pool for the server for easier admin management
23.04.2019: Changed font for webgui.

22.04.2019: license flow update; trial; license fixes

Links to files you might need to install Seequre.
Lets Encrypt

SQL Express from Microsoft

SQL Server Management Studio

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