Seequre for Nextcloud2


Seequre Nextcloud

Use your federated ID as global calling ID


Secure cloud or air-gapped deployment options that meet your security and compliance needs.

On Premise

Keep you data close, keep your data safe.

Easy to understand Services

Secure Video Conferencing

Up to 25 people on camera in a single meeting!

Screen Sharing

Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your computer.

Team Collaboration

Work with internal and external teams

Scalable private SFU

Seequre SFU allows you to have full control of your data with your own scalable Seequre SFU server on your own infrastructure.


Calendar in application.

Secure Video Conferencing Links

Create password protected rooms for maximum security of your video conference.

User control

Users are controlled trough Nextcloud admin user page.

Email Invitations

Invite participants to meetings are sent via SMTP set on Seequre admin page.


Text chat with the entire meeting or privately with other participants.

  • Requirements

    Ubuntu Server
    Apache or
    Updated Srv record.

  • Estimated installation time

    Around 60 minutes

  • Installation

    Install on your Ngnix server.

  • Check SSL

    Make sure SSL Certs are working

  • Setup DNS for Federation

    Communication between self hosted servers are private and no data (except their existence) is shared with us using a DNS Srv record.
    And will look like this.
    _seequre._tls SRV 1 1 443
    URL for your Seequre video server.

  • Setup SFU Server

    Setup your own Seequre SFU on a Linux server for total control or rent one in your geographic location
    SFU Server software is included on all licenses

  • Setup Turn Server

    Setup your own Turn server or use our default for free

How to install

Seequre Nextcloud Docker install help