Seequre for Nextcloud

Seequre Postgresql Docker v2.4.5

Seequre Postgresql Linux v.2.4.5

Requirements: Linux (we use Ubuntu) , PostgreSQL, Nextcloud, Docker,

1: Install 
cd <unzipped folder>
docker build -t seequre-v2.4.5 .
docker network create seequre
docker run -d –name seequre -h seequre –network seequre -p <Port>:80 -v seequreFilesVolume:/app/Public –restart always seequre-v2.4.5

use <port> at reverse proxy

admin / admin
edit configs (change default password)
fill all needed field

Update database
Apply changes

2: Set FFMPeg Path in admin panel
“FFMPegPath”: “Vendor/FFMPEG/bin”
At linux/docker it should be /usr/bin/ffmpeg

Seequre is a federated Video Conferencing system that allow you full control over where your data is stored and can be selfhosted in the cloud or on premise.

We now allow you to specify your own STUN and Turn server (needs to be setup correctly)(we use coturn)
And we allow you to setup your own SFU servers for scaling where you can have loadbalancer in front with multiple SFU behind. Our SFU servers are based on Mediasoup which is opensource, but with modifications to allow it to scale horizontally and work in federated enviroment.
These two services need to be installed on a linux server (we use Ubuntu)
If you want to host your own SFU, Turn servers please contact or and we will help you to set this up.

Seequre has a global server for users that don’t have their own server or just dont want to have their own server and want a persistent presense online in the Seequre federated universe.

Communication between self hosted servers are private and no data (except their existence) is shared with us using a DNS Srv record.
The DNS record should look like this:

_seequre._tls   SRV 1 1 443