Seequre Windows version 0.0.5 Release Notes


Seequre release 0.0.5 is for testing only, there will be bugs.


Windows installer now adds shortcut for app on desktop and in startmenu.


[00001]  Seequre allows login to
[00002]  Seequre can receive calls from external Safe Video Communication servers
[00008]  No “about” file in the app.
[00009]  No “Release Note” file in the app.
[00007]  Pictures are not embedded.


Known BUGS

[00003]  Initiating a call to an external server doesn’t allways initiate the call, hanging up does
[00004]  Seequre doesn’t remember password after app closes (not a bug, but a safety feature)
[00005]  No back button if user types wrong username goes to creation of new user dialog.
[00006]  User not allowed to download files shared in chat to desktop.
[00010]  Chrome share desktop/app doesn’t work and is shown in menu