Seequre offer our software through global partners. We have chosen this approach to ensure that our customers can use their local partners that know their needs. Seequre are committed to train our partners to the highest level of excellence with our product. Purchasing locally gives the advantage of maintaining a strong IT community and allows us to swiftly add services to knowledgable community.

One of our main partners are MDaemon, a Texas based company that has delivered outstanding products to its partners in more than 100 countries and customers for over 20 years.

We provide the following service to Seequre partners:

  • Planning
  • Architecting and project management
  • Installation set-up and configuration as required
  • Support

We believe that our partners success with Seequre is our success. Delivering a product that help companies take back control of their own data and connecting it with already existing services like MDaemon is what makes us unique. We want to make sure our partner and their partners around the world succeed, whereupon we together build the foundation of a greatness.

Our message to our partners is clear: “We will make an easy to integrate software that increase your revenue, connects people and is easy to maintain”

  • Grow revenue and reputation
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Adapt your business to marketplace changes
  • Offer an unrivaled product delivering a professional video conferencing  solution to market, helping customers solve their most complex collaboration needs.

To become a Seequre reseller you only need to apply and we will help you becoming a Seequre Video Conferencing Partner.

When everyone went to the clouds believing heaven awaited, but some organizations realized that having a federated Video Conferencing system that was easy to deploy, that integrated with already longtime maintained user bases, that was controlled by their company was the way to go.
Making your own private conference room has never been easier.
Allowing companies to communicate between each other, instead of through other companies hardware in a simple way is a safe and easy way to connect people. This makes the use of Seequre an opportunity for its partners instead of an expensive rip-off that deliver data to the worlds biggest data harvesters.

Contact us to apply for the Partner program using the email below:
Please contact for more information.