New mobile app for Stage (android)

Seequre Video is a collaboration application that provides instant messaging (IM), video calling capabilities and agile meeting system for your Android phone.
Use Seequre-video with your MDaemon or Nextloud instance.

Join multi user calls, share ideas, pictures, files and be secure in your safety.

Seequre app supports the following capabilities:
• Temporary room and users system
• Instant messaging
• MDaemon integrated video-server
• Nextcloud integrated video-server
• Interoperability with Seequre-Video federated enviroment by default
• Advanced meeting environment

This application will connect to your corporate video call infrastructure, Nextcloud/MDaemon or Safe Video Communications AS’s servers to enable multi user calls and multi-party conferencing with Seequre Video.

Seequre will work work with your on premise or cloud-based servers to create a private video-call environment.

Device and Operating System Requirements:
Seequre Video for Android Release 1.0 supports most android devices that meet the minimal software and hardware requirements.
Please check with your IT administrator to determine the specific features that are available to your company.

By tapping “Install” you agree to install Seequre Video and all future software updates, and you accept the terms of service and privacy statement below:

Consult our Support email at if you encounter issues with unsupported devices.
Or use support URL:

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