Integrate Seequre into your website

Integrating Seequre into your website or web application

Since Seequre is an entirely web-based application, it provides for unique integration opportunities that are either not possible or far more complicated with any other video conferencing platform.

We belive that it should be easy to integrate Seequre Video Conferencing into an existing website or web application and that can be done via iframe, a very a powerful html tag that allows you to display any website within a website.

  • Integrate Seequre inside a web page utilizing your page for some additional UI..

There are a lot more possibilities then we can think off, so we let your ingenuity lead you to new uses.
I believe Integration is very straightforward.

Example iframe tag:

					iframe src="" allow="camera;microphone;display-capture" height="600" width="350"></iframe

For integration of Seequre, the most important attributes are:

  • source url (src): This is the URL of the page you are integrating. This could be a static URL such as the login page for your account, or could be dynamically inserted/updated such as meeting URL.
  • allow=”camera;microphone” this permission is essential for Camera and Microphone features to work within cross-origin iframes. If this is omitted, the basic video conferencing aspects will not work.
  • width: the width of the iframe. Use this to determine the size of the MegaMeeting page within the parent web page.
  • height: the height of the iframe. Use this to determine the size of the Seequre page within the parent web page.


  • Refer to the iframe spec for a complete list of supported attributes.

You need to use your own domain name for both your video server and where your iframe application is to avoid any cross domain issues that can arise when using iframes.