Guidelines for Law Enforcement

Our policy for authorites seeking information about accounts on seequre servers are as follows.
We don’t store metadata from servers in Seequre’s federated server network.

If a request for information for a user from a server that we do not host arrives it will be rejected.

A request without the server URL will also be rejected

Seequre is a closed source product but all encryption keys that federated servers use are unique and controlled by that admin.

Seequre is a plattform developed to allow users to communicate in a safe and easy way on mobile or on web.

Seequre can be deployed in a few different ways.


On the same windows server as  the email server software called MDaemon

On a Windows server, windows 10, windows 11 computer Server with IIS and MSsql software hosted in the cloud, on premise connected to a remote Nextcloud or MDaemon server.

On a Linux server with MSsql or postgresql connected to a Nextcloud or Mdaemon instance

On a Docker instance connected to a postgresql or Mssql server on the same or external server connected to an external MDaemon or Nextcloud server.

Video data traffic will go trough the customers own SFU servers or hosted with us.
We do not log any information on where the traffic comes from or where it goes.

Turn server request will go trough the customers own server or trough our servers. 
We do not log any information here.

Most off the Seequre servers running are on private servers controlled by private entities.

Seequre control 2 servers:

2: our company server.

When someone registers an account with 1: they do so with an email adresse that needs to be verified to be used.
We do not monitor any chats or traffic on this server and users are free to delete chats at any time.

When someone buys a Seequre server we ask for the company domain. We do not check if that is the domain it will be deployed on or if it gets deployed.

Individual user account information

Seequre’s platform is used as a tool for individuals based on email adresses to interact.
This will look like
We have no list of users on domains that are not on servers mentioned before.

To know who a user on a server is you must know who runs the server. 
Generally speaking this is like finding a person behind any email adresse.

Requests for such information should be sent to admin of the private server.
If you dont know how to find this, ask someone who might know.
Data retention information

Seequre keep backups on their servers for a time we will not disclose
Seequre takes backup of hosted servers at the request of the customer

We might have backups, but the keys that encrypt the data base is something we do not have, you must contact the customer.
We have no way of knowing who is behing any email adresse. If its a gmail adresse contact google, it its you get the picture.

We will accept request from the law about information on users we are hosting but will notify the user with an email about this and send the request to our lawyers.

We operate under Norwegian law and thus you must contact us in Norway and go trough legal channels.

We will follow Norwegian law and will work with relevant authorites.

A contact request should be sent and produces in a way that satisfies Norwegian privacy laws.

1: Have a valid fax number we can answer too.
2: Be signed by the requesting official together with an offical photo ID from the workplace.

Have an official email address; that we can verify and it must be sent on an offical law enforcement letterhead on a page printed on both sides to save the enviroment.

It must include a time and place where the infringement happened.

The server URL where it happended.

We may honor requests for anything, but will follow Norwegian law.
We cannot guarantee that requested information will be available at any time.

If you are a in Law enforcement or government, a  preservation requests for user information must be submitted to our legal team at
Request for information about users not on servers controlled by will be billed pr the hour to the agency in question.
Any request must be send directly to our head office in Oslo, Norway.

Seequre will respond to valid legal process issued in compliance with Norwegian applicable law.

We dont have any Private information about users and will follow Norwegian law on this and everything.

Seequre will notify users of request for information which includes a copy of the request, as soon as we are able by forwarding your message to their email adresse that you will disclose to us

We will follow Norwegian law regarding this too.
Exceptions to user notice may include things that we find so horendous that we will have to be involved. Child sexual exploitation, or terrorism, the whereabouts of Vladmir Putin



You will need for a request to:

Provide details about what specific information is requested (e.g., messages, files, account information) and its relationship to your investigation;

Include everything mentioned above.


Emergency disclosure requests
In line with our, we may disclose account information to law enforcement in response to the above.
Seequre will look at every case that are sent to us and will be handled individually.
So in general:
Use you head and send us what we should know to be able to react to your request.
We will still follow Norwegian law and forward requests to them.
Contact information

Our adresse is:
Safe Video Communication


Electronic communicaton must go trough Seequre plattform after an initial email request.

Just add to your registered account and will be in touch.