Federated logic

Seequre is always in a federated mode and our federation logic allows servers to communicate with each other, with no limits to the number of servers connected. This allows for hassle free sharing of files and messages with all other Seequre servers..

With a few simple DNS records we are making it easy for servers to find each other, which allows for communication beetween servers.


Automatically send invites to other Seequre servers
Send invites to users that don’t have their own server, using https://globals.seequre.video
Direct communication between servers for 1-1 communication  
Private and broadcast rooms with remote users from any number of servers
Read receipts, notifications and alerts distributed to remote servers.
Share files among servers
Shared rooms available on your own server
Password protected rooms.
Email validated accounts through MDaemon integration.
Public rooms with remote users from any number of servers

Discovery Method

How are servers finding each other?

Trough your DNS records or as a fallback through our backend Hub that is free for all users of Seequre

Important: Without having a confirmed DNS record your server will not be able to connect to other servers and will probably not work at all.

Configure your DNS

Since Seequre MDaemon version requires a MDaemon server to verify email addresses for logins, you must have setup a MDaemon server with a MX record.

Example of records needed.

MX record pointing to your MDaemon instance in our example:
disruptive-video.no = MX 10 = mail.disruptive-video.no
mail.disruptive-video.no =  A =
video.disruptive-video.no = A =
_seequre._tls.disruptive-video.no   SRV 1 1 443 pointing to your “Seequre server”

Where video.disruptive-video.no is your Seequre server and where you login


For our company "Seequre it would look like:



When you setup Seequre for the first time the installer will check if these values are present and you will not be able to continue if these are missing..

After a normal setup you will be able to invite users from other servers in our federated Seequre network.

Seequre takes privacy seriously, so every user and group you invite people to will have to be accepted by the sender for you to be able to communicate with them.