Installing Seequre on separate server (MDaemon XML)

  Stage test installer MDaemon XML API (separate server) Installing IIS Installing SQL Server Express Install SQL Server Management Studio Install MDaemon Open port 1000 Install Seequre

New mobile design October

Not only have we redesigned our web interface, but we are making a more modern user interface for our mobile users.  

iOS and the Chinese

Developing for multiple regions and multiple platforms comes with its challenges. Apple CEO Tim Cook a year ago criticized Facebook’s data privacy practices and characterized privacy as a human right.*Yesterday they launched another privacy stunt while we as developers get …

How to install Seequre from scracth

Here is an installation video that shows how easy its to install Seequre on a server with MDaemon. The installation video show every step on a clean windows server. 01:43 Installing IIS (webserver) 06:37 Installing SQL Server Express 09:38 Installing ...