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For a limited time we are offering all the functionality we have integrated into our service and allow all our users to enjoy our free standard sky account.
We will only ask for your email address on the next page so we can validate it for your and our security.

Users with email from Gmail, Hotmail and some other services will be able to use our service free of charge for the unforeseeable future, but the functionality might be limited. (recording, sharing, remote desktop control)

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(All functionality is currently enabled for all users.)

There are currently no open beta tests.

Ongoing closed beta tests:

Android and IOS app functionality.

Past programs:

Mobile browser theme

Release candidate of webrtc and conferencing version.

Screen sharing in browser.

Screen recording in browser.

Distributed domain communication Ended 10 November 2017
Initial alfa communicaion trials 19 November 2016.
Multiple domain communication trials 10 February 2017.

Other Programs :

Please send us an email on to indicate your interest and receive more information.

Please send us an email to with your Mdaemon domain name and your contact information and we will send you detailed instructions on how to install Seequre.

By sending us an email you are indicating that you understand that we will contact you for feedback about the functionality being tested. Providing feedback will be a condition of inclusion in future beta programs. Further, you understand that functionality and interfaces may change as a result of feedback during the Beta period.