Our passion


Seequre (Safe Video Communication AS) was founded in 2016, by Tomas Ralfs. From the day he founded Seeequre, he was focused on how data is stored in a secure way for the customers.
A lot of companies use the “big tech” companies and believe that free means not giving them anything, not understanding that they are paying with all their metadata. Imagine using Facebook as your primary contact platform where you talk to and chat with your customers. Facebook will then know what your customers are looking for and might show advertisements from your competitors.


We work close with tech partners globally and one of our main partners are MDaemon with their global distribution network in 100 countries. We have developed a Seequre video and chat solution for MDaemon to seamlessly integrate with MDaemon Alt-N Technologies email servers.

If you are a tech partner offering IT solutions for the SMB market, please feel free to contact us on Linkedin here. 

With us your data will stay safe on your own servers, wherever they are on the cloud or in a safe location.
We of course prefer to use servers that we control 100% and keep them with our server-farm here in Norway.