About MDaemon

MDaemon Technologies has been developing email and email security software for over 20 years. Their focus and mission are to help companies around the world to easily manage and maintain secure email communication. That is why thousands of customers in over 140 countries around the world trust their products. They have built products with the ongoing input of IT professionals around the world who want simple, hassle-free email and email security that does not require a lot of their time to manage. If there is one phrase as to why customers offer their products, it is simply because, “it just works!” MDaemon focus on delivering software that can be deployed in virtual, hosted or on-premise environments because every business has a unique philosophy when it comes to email control and security.

Being a focused company, they rely on sourcing in-cooperate with additional services from external technology providers that provide complimentary solutions that can be used by its customers, covering areas like email archiving and spam and malware prevention. And now, also an instant messaging and video conferencing solution with Seequre.