Bug hunt New Years resolution.

Some companies can offer big bug bounties, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon does this. Our small company doesn’t have the funds or the scale to do this yet.

Fortunately we have a loyal user base that enjoy our ease of use and security features. And sometimes they find bugs when we do a feature update. Just before New Year a small bug was found where under a certain conditions a one to one chat would not sync.

Even being the privacy focused company that we are, there are some system logs that our system generates that we can look at. But that didn’t show any errors that we could user.

So we started looking at other system that we are using. IIS, MDaemon, SQL.. and boom .. with SQL Profiler one of our senior programmers found a side effect of our addition of “message delivery state change”

So on the second day of the New Year we will do a small hot fix on our global server.

So happy New Year to you all from our team. We will work as hard hunting bugs this year as the last year and we look forward to fix less and less bugs in the years to come.

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