Seequre v2 status

Wednesday at 0700 CET we will start upgrade of different servers and share installers to registered MDaemon server administrators:

I will post updated info here during the day.If you see this logon screen your server will have been updated.

If you are using we will leave that running for 30 days before we route all communication to (URL Corrected) which is our new logon page for users that dont have their own servers in our federated system.



03.10.2019 00:55 Migration to new federated Network successful

03.10.2019 00:51 All servers updated with latest version.
Waiting iOS approval from Apple on update.
Pushing Android out tomorrow morning.



02.10.2019 18:45 Doing some quick fix on mobile build before we can push it live.. 

02.10.2019 15:25 All servers are up and communication between servers are stable.
Video 1-1 OK
Video 3-3 OK
Video Between users on different server OK
Sharing documents / files OK
Chat 1-1 OK
Chat 3-3 OK
Reconnecting to VideoCall when having answered another incomming call OK

02.10.2019 12:40 All is looking well, our new hosted server Global is up.
It started with the dreaded windows update but with 2 laptops prepared. All went well.

01.10.2019 23:35  For MDaemon server owners, I will post a video of new install procedure at 09:30 tomorrow morning CET, showing the difference in installing on MDaemon pure server (worldclient is using MDaemons own web server) or where we use IIS for Worldclient.

Bugs in v.2.0.2

BT 001:
-The resend confirmation button seems like its not responding.. It’s just slow and we are working on a fix.

– Possible issues with multiple users (some users might not see each other due to Chrome issues)
– Possible issues with some short blinking on android app during multiple devices connected
– Saved chat history have issue with time stamps on html 
– Pictures sent to open chat from another server user might not be updated in real time – just refresh page or switch to another page and back 
– possible issues with an ios-android-web connection between different server

Have you not received your confirmation email, click this link on the Sign Up Page.

Tomas F. Ralfs
Safe Video Communication AS

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