2 October = Seequre v2

The last 6 months have gone by quickly and our redesigned new version is nearly ready to be deployed. 
Another 14 days of testing on our staging server that we will leave open for testing a few more weeks https://seequre.safevideocommunication.no and we will change all our servers (and customers) to our new design and architecture.

The 2nd of October we will launch updated versions for mobile on iOS and Android and update our customers and running servers.

We will update https://seequre.video and other customers on the same day since I made the choice not to make v1 and V2 compatible.
There are many reasons for this, but the main one was features and core structure. Maintaining 2 systems, while we are still a small company just doesn’t make sense.

Our new design is lighter and brighter and much quicker and we will share some of the technical improvements in the weeks to come.

Two features that where broken on our old platform was screen sharing and recording of a video call, but those are two features that we will have back short after launch

We have also a new mobile design coming in October..


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