Seequre Server 1.1.6

Download release 1.1.6

We have changed our numbering to reflect the next version of Seequre that will arrive in July. 1.1.6 is (0.1.6)

If you want to join our email beta list for the latest beta release and newest version, just send an email and we will add you to our list.

Installation document for 0.1.
Updated 29.05.2019


Full Installation video for version 0.0.9 SQL Server/MDaemon/IIS/SSL Letsencrypt / Seequre version 0.0.9


Know issues

1.1.6  Recording of videocall in webgui (chrome)
1.1.6 Share screen in browser call after Chrome update (chrome)


– more user-friendly configs (all system configs included to binary instead of application settings)
– logs to files instead of db
– added sender name to group push notifications title
– support reply to push notification for ios
– mdaemon aliases sync fixes
– server list sync fixes (when port were changed after full setup)
– call and screen sharing fixes for webapp and mobview
– settings screen fixes
– added settings screen for mobview
-fixed broken configs that cause problems with mobile app auth

23.05.2019: Fixed Json error IIS Server 2008r2
05.05.2019: Fixed an auth fault in the encryption engine

23.04.2019: Changed pr users license to a license pool for the server for easier admin management
23.04.2019: Changed font for webgui.

22.04.2019: license flow update; trial; license fixes

Links to files you might need to install Seequre.
Lets Encrypt

SQL Express from Microsoft

SQL Server Management Studio

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