Webinar from 25th of April 2019

Seequre offers an IM and Video Conferencing platform that is tightly integrated with MDaemon API for total user control. Seequre delivers highly secure software on your own infrastructure, whether on premise or cloud-based, allowing users to communicate with all theirs contacts through a browser, with an IOS, or Android app in a federated server network

Seequre connects to the MDaemon API and includes user authentication, searchable chats in PDF’s and downloadable videos after a conference directly to your inbox. Core features are simple, intuitive and require little or no training, all delivered via desktops and mobile devices.

Fully integrated with the MDaemon platform, Seequre IM and Video Conferencing is an easy upsell opportunity with low up-front and per-user fees. Distributors get very favorable financial incentives while offering game changing value added services to their customers

This is a recording of our latest Webinar on the 25th of April.

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