Refactoring of the backend

I am sitting at my second office and wondering where the time has gone.

Its 24 years since the Board of directors at the business school I attended told me emails are not going to become a common business tool, so there is no need for the students to have an email adresse. So I set one up for the student council giving free email to all the 3000 students.
Its nearly 20 years since I started using MDaemons email servers for the first time, and its been 10 years since I wanted to make a IM application for my computer..
And now with the help of good friends and collagues the last 3 years, we have arrived at the finish line, just for the journey to continue onwards with some new updated code.

Our 3 year old legacy code will be changed to a shiny new one.
We are doing a full-refactored version for our 0.2 release that is schedueled for launch end of May 2019.
The main purpose of the refactoring was to improve performance, restore syncing stability, simplify application core design and protocols and keeping the same functionality.
We didn’t want to change anything functional, except maybe splitting our common server functionality, i.e. common would play licencing role only. Hosts table would be provided by external servers or any other authorized server in the network.

So it’s become a pretty different exercise, then maintaining current version with patches and fixes.

According to our nearly on time refactoring phase plan, wh have arrived at the final stage for our backend where we have spent a lot of time preparing for the future and we are entering the initial stage of our front-end refactoring (there are pretty many things to improve as well, including having single client for desktop and mobile view, improved performance with local data storage etc.).
This takes time to develope, but we are getting there.

And the latest update is:
When will the iOS app will be downloadable from the app store, and my answer is soon as always.
But this time soon is as soon as I push the publish button and let some of Apples people try it..

Tomorrow is labor day.
Which means a day off here in Norway, a day to fix your garden or play golf.

Thats all from us at Safe Video Communication

Tomas F. Ralfs

“A learning experience is one of those things that says, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.” 
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

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