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Seequre is a security-focused decentralized corporate video conferencing solution addressing some unmet needs of companies currently using mass market cloud services or ad-hoc consumer software.

 Based on more than 3 years of R&D and customer interviews, Seequre solves some voiced complaints from corporate IT experts about video conferencing services today:

 § Avoids the security issues associated with large scale cloud-based communication services: As a software platform that customers deploy on their own network (or on that of a trusted service provider), it prevents the unauthorized, unknown access to call records, chat logs or communication data that occurs via mass market video conferencing services or corporate services that rely on large-scale cloud computing networks. Enhancing this foundation of data privacy, Seequre encrypts communications to and from a company’s own call management platform and the company’s video conference users.

 § Automatically manages user authorizations and log all communications: Tightly integrated with selected corporate email server platforms, users leaving an organization are not able to take their user name and contact point with them (as occurs when using mass market services) nor is the company blocked from knowing who their employees are communicating with. All user authentication is based on email account privileges and call / chat logs can be automatically saved into individual user’s email stream, making them easily searchable and archivable.

 § Simple, intuitive: Seequre focusses on the features that people actually use (multiparty video, chat and screen sharing). It doesn’t require extensive training sessions and it targets the quick, easy daily use that makes the common mass market services so popular, regardless of a company’s communication services or policies. It allows company IT administrators to automatically integrate their users, in their existing Directory service to increase data security without compromising organizational productivity when users are added and deleted-

§ Video conferencing as a network utility:

‘Do all’ corporate communication platforms continue to grow in size, complexity and feature lists, most of which fails to live up to salesperson promises. Seequre makes face-to-face workplace communication secure, easy and cost effective.

Tomas Francis Ralfs, Safe Video Communication AS founder and CEO said, “As a network administrator for many organizations through the last 20 years I found the level of security offered by cloud based platforms to be at best unknown, I belive that – my users’ and customers’ data are not assets to be used by others and as an individual, I realized that almost every large-scale video conference call I’d participated in in the last couple of years started with a 10 minute delay while first time users tried to figure out how to get it to work. We’ve all been there, and I wanted a better solution.”

Kristian Sjøvold, board member of Safe Video Communication and founder of (one of Seequre’s customers) added, “I wanted to get all of the consumer market bloatware off our network but couldn’t do it without slowing down my organization. Seequre hits all of our needs, is priced like a network utility and won’t leak our company data to whomever has access to 3rd party cloud platforms.”

Christian Landmark, is an experienced CEO from past experience with a proven track record of increased sales, higher profits, and improved customer satisfaction in the ICT/Telecom sectors. International leadership experience covering three continents, successful organisational development and change management, improved organisational performance through dedicated and motivated co-workers, extensive marketing management experience, entrepreneurship through establishing successful start-ups, ensuring R&D processes linked to customer needs, and vast experience in due diligence and exit processes. Strong business development professional and industrial marketing and executive courses at INSEAD.

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