New motherboard and mobile apps

Being a startup totally depending on the founders funds and equipment can sometimes be hard, especially during the summer holidays.

So this morning our external server, which we changed the raid controller on earlier in July stopped.

So twice in a month now our free subscribers will have some downtime which I am very sorry about. We are still in a beta stage in our development and sometimes, things break. The way it works now is that Nextron our hardware partner has ordered a new motherboard and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

I will be looking into how we can assure ourselves that this will not happen again.

The video service for all other users (those that have Mdaemon email servers) are unaffected by this and will be able to continue to chat and use videocalls to all servers and users that are not

So Tomas, what about the Mobile apps I can imagine you are thinking after reading the header.

We have had a few Beta apps circulating with different technologies and are just finishing a beta build that we will test out later today that we hope we can release to the public soon. Right now it’s only peer to peer and 1 to 1, but I expect we will have a stable version up soon.

That’s all for now. I will update a fix date as soon as I know.


Tomas F Ralfs

Owner and founder Safe Video Communication AS

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