Mobile web video version has been released

We are happy to have released our mobile web version of Seequre.

Last week we silently rolled out our new mobile theme that allows mobile users without an installed application from Google Play or Apple store to chat or call with their friends and colleagues.
We have been testing it internally for a few weeks now and we are superhappy with the quality of the video and sound on 4g and Wifi, but most off all between the major mobile platforms IOS and Android. The version we have out now will only allow you to chat one to one, but we are looking into a way to allow more connections at the same time so you can join a conference and listen in.

We have also made an easy list with supported browsers in case it doesnt work as seamlessly as you would like

Login is as easy as going to if you dont rememeber your own Seequre server adresse. (we will forward you to your own server if necessary)


Feature list:

1-1 calls with other authenticated users (video or sound only) on all Seequre servers.
Disabling camera and mic during call
Participating in multi user discussion via text.
Changing profile picture.

Uploading pictures and files.

Known issues.

An active call can stick (sticked peer ) in chat group, where we must manually force clean info about peer on server. ( just in that chat )

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