Happy New Year 2017

New Year has passed and all is set for the launch of Seequre, our distributed video conferencing system starting with our web application.

The time we have spent developing our product has been well spent and we are all looking forward to the reception of it the coming months.
We have focused our R&D on security, reliability, usability and on a windows server with the appropriate programs installed our Seequre Video Conferencing server can be up and running in less then 10 minutes.
This together with hardly no hardware requirements, a small yearly maintainence cost for upgrades and new features our system is extremely cost effective.
Together with the ease of use these features really should add up to a superior product mix.

We have a mission this year to take back your users information back to your company and your sphere of influence.
The latest information about how the big 4 are treating our information and our personal identity to make ads and make billions should be halted.
Since 80% of the worlds data is in 4 companies hands, we believe that something should be done with something that we belive hinders inovation and stops free speech.

So we welcome this New Year with open arms and hope to see your company using Seequre soon.

To my friends and customers that I have worked for and with the last 20 years, thank you for your patience and loyalty, I have loved every minute of it.

To new customers who want to give it a go, our Standard Seequre Sky will allow up to 6 users from the same domain to register. (gmail, hotmail and yahoo are excluded from this user limit) for an unlimited time.
If you want to try this on your own domain, you need to have Mdaemon on your server and we will now in the begining give a 120 day trial for our products.

I am looking forward to this exiting New Year and the changes it will bring

Happy New Year

Tomas Francis Ralfs

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